we help our clients with purpose driven ideas and strategies.
developing branding, improve communications, build experiences and,
for individuals, introduce new methods of conscious lifestyle consulting.

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written.by is a forward-thinking, berlin-based creative collective that specialises in holistic brand building and insight-driven
consultancy. we apply expert knowledge with a personal touch, working with you to develop meaningful and lasting connections
to your ever-growing community.

authenticity and consciousness sit at the heart of our operation, and are the guiding principles that allow us to create captivating
narratives, unforgettable experiences and desirable products – as well as guidance and lifestyle consulting for individuals.
for us, the journey is part of the destination, and we seek to help you and your brand evolve,
whilst remaining true to your original vision. it’s your story. written by both of us together.

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written.by is formed from a team of world-class creative thinkers, which get to the core of your brand identity
to simplify the complicated and help you to realize your organization’s full potential.

we seek to distill the spirit of your organization, and use it to inform the development of immersive campaigns and
stimulating brand identities, as well as key messaging that resonates with the people who matter most.

furthermore, visual language and identity are key to our brand development offering:
because we believe that taste is often what separates good brands from phenomenal ones.

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written.by is founded on the idea that communication is the key to any successful project, and we believe
that consistent and quality communication is the best way to build and maintain a loyal and engaged community.

operating on a holistic, functional level, the strength of our expert consultancy lies in the genuine care we hold for our clients
and partners. we work with honesty and transparency to help you to quickly identify and solve problems, and devise new strategies
for interfacing with your audience and customers in deeper and more meaningful ways.

our personal approach is what sets written.by apart. we enter every project with the express goal of building work
and relationships that last far beyond a campaign’s conclusion, and are here to help you and your brand do the same.

for us it’s about evolution over revolution.

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written.by specializes in making statements that people won’t quickly forget, and we understand that in ever-shifting markets,
gaining and maintaining relevance is paramount.

we have a proven track record in the creation of attention-grabbing experiential campaigns to unite brand,
product and consumer, and connect with a wide variety of audience demographics.

attention is the most valuable currency in contemporary culture, and we gain this currency for your brand by building 360-degree,
content driven experiences.

placing faith in rising talent and established cultural leaders, and informed by our expert market insights, we bring your brand messaging
to life through profound experiences and activations that are impactful, meaningful, and inspirational.

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our portfolio of past collaborations, written.by us



written.by takes a humanistic approach to all that we do.

this allows us to naturally apply our wide range of creative brand services on an individual level, to offer a unique combination of
personal management and goal-orientated life mentoring.

in balance with both career and spiritual guidance, we help promising talent on journeys to become versatile and multi-faceted
trailblazers, and lead any open-minded individuals on the path to become their best selves.
for us, a fulfilling lifestyle is a genuine goal, not a mystic vision.

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the minds and souls behind written.by

Mury Yalcinkaya
Head of Consulting
Robert Schwarz
Johannes Heilberger
Erdi Gülac
Social Media
Olaf Hermann


written.by is all about leading by example, and committing wholeheartedly to the idea that words are only as powerful as the action
that they inspire. the non-profit written.by foundation is a true manifestation of our brand values, and a way for us to direct a portion
of our income to good causes internationally, with charitable work carried out directly by our team.

love, respect and money are more powerful when shared with the ones who need it most,
and influence is only valuable when used to inspire change for the better.

if you want to learn more please get in touch via email



the written.by store is a destination for curated or in-house produced goods that appeal to ideas,
causes and spiritual entities far bigger than the sum of their material parts.

because we see consumption without cause as tantamount to recklessness,
we showcase only products and art which inspire a new way of thinking, create revenue for charitable causes,
and provide a platform for this new generation of conscious consumers and world-building creatives.

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